Seagull on a beach

Three rules to follow when decorating with throw pillows

1. Make sure that the pattern on the throw pillow picks up at least one colour in your room. Remember which colours go well together, and use the throw pillow design to complement the colours that already exist in your space.

View of a lake in Sweden
View of a lake in Sweden. Buy it here.

2. Try not to repeat the same patterns that are in your space on the selected throw pillows. Bring out something unique with the throw pillow designs you choose so that they are eye-catching. At the same time, recall the previous rule, so that the colours match.

Seagull on a beach
Seagull on a beach. Buy it here.

3. Decide on an anchor colour that exists in your space. Say for instance that you have a sofa that has a certain noticeable colour. Then you can design the rest of the room to match that particular colour. Patterns may differ and you do not need to use the same colour. The key point is to keep the colour wheel in mind so that you pick complementary colours.

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